The Social Media Race: Get Ahead of the Pack

By Renee Revetta | Sep 17, 2009
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If as a brand you haven’t joined social networking sites to claim your brand – do so!

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Monitor and listen

Once you’re registered, take some time to test out the site and listen to the conversations taking place.  There are probably conversations going on about your brand that you don’t even realize.  You can use free tools like, and to check out the scene.

Plan to succeed

A social media strategy is a requirement for social media success.  Chris Brogan wrote some guidelines on starting a social media strategy.  Also, Seth Godin suggests in his post to focus more on the strategy and less on the tactics.

Join your community

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Even though you may have just joined 5 social networks, refer to the results of your online listening.   For starters, just participate in the community where people are discussing your brand the most.  You can easily expand and become active on more social sites later.  At least be active in the social network of choice by correcting untrue posts and responding to questions or concerns.  Customers will love the feedback and attention coming directly from the brand.

Share the right messages

Try joining in on the conversation by providing information consumers are seeking and linking to resources they may find helpful.

For more ideas about what to share, check out these guidelines outlined in Mashable’s 7 Secrets to Tweeting Your Corporate Culture.  Sharlyn Lauby suggests new corporate Twitter users to share your company history, talk vision and mission, reveal industry insights, recognize employees, profile customer successes, be responsive and ask questions about the future.  These tips can easily apply to Facebook, other social sites and your corporate blog, as well.

If you consider these suggestions, I think you’ll find your brand will emerge ahead of the pack.  So claim your brand, be choosy with your social networks at first, and take time to plan before sprinting ahead.

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