They're Just Not That Into You-Or Are They?

By Catherine Potts | Feb 11, 2009
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I went to see the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ this weekend. May I say, great movie. I even downloaded the soundtrack via iTunes. I thought it was a fair and balanced storyline, actually. Some chicks just don’t get it. Too, neither do some guys.

In the interest of tying it into SEO it reminded me of how tough getting links listed can be. Sure you can submit (beg) until you turn blue (and you should) but have you ever tried to track when a link in a directory is actually posted? Well, just like with those we date, sometimes they just don’t call you back and you never know what’s going on. That doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it’s that they’re probably just not that into you-yet. It’s OK. It’ll happen when you’re ready.

OK, perhaps this is a stretch. You can use various tools to try and figure out who is linking to you but honestly, there are directory listings that take months and months due to the load of submissions they receive. For this, you must be patient. If you’re new to this game, that’s the biggest lesson you’ll learn. Results take time. Just spend your days reading, learning and absorbing all the information (albeit redundant sometimes). As far as finding those link sites, do searches. Many, many searches.

I’ve come to find sites that will find a ton of links and then list them. Sometimes I do run out and do a lot of searching on my own. This is just the nature of the beast. Many hours searching. Sometimes it makes me want to commit self-injury but I resist. For it is the good of the client and our company I do this. Oh yeah, and it’s my job and I’m a linkanator.

You will come to have you’re own methods and you will find out which sites are really just not that into helping a sister out (or a brother). We avoid those, for the most part. Sometimes we go back and visit but mainly once they’re gone, they’re gone and no amount of begging will make them stay.

I guess the main point is that patience and focus is key. If you’re hoping to achieve results overnight, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s simply a game of wait-and-see. You can attempt to do some relationship link building but tread carefully. This is a game of trust and if you’ve not been around SEO then chances are you haven’t built that trust just yet. So just work on YOU because before you can ever have a great love another, you must learn to love and know yourself.

Song: Love Save The Empty by Erin McCarley

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