Thumbs Down for Article Marketer Customer Service

By Catherine Potts | Oct 26, 2007
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Search Mojo uses a company called Article Marketer to disburse a client’s weekly articles across the Web. The idea is that we get more visibility for the client and in general the distribution has been fairly smooth and consistent. In the beginning (which was July 2007) we had several issues with the articles as far as formatting for optimal distribution.

AM had us correct a few things and off the articles went. Once we learned what to correct before initial submission of an article, we were good to go. At first we had a couple of editorial issues, but were able to open a ticket and resolve them. We disagreed on several editorial fixes with AM and after some discussion via tech tickets, things were resolved. So on the actual article distribution topic, they’re generally doing “OK.”

Our client decided to try the 3 month, $79.99 offer and see how things went. When we all found that that articles were getting some good results, our client considered upgrading to the 2 year package for $239.

As the point person for this process I tried to find out through the AM knowledge base how to upgrade. They appear to have taken care of all possible questions so as to not have to actually deal with a customer directly-but they would be wrong. When we wanted to know if the 3 month $79.99 would apply toward the 2 year package, we couldn’t get a response.

I submitted several tickets that disappeared out of the system and were never acknowledged. We were concerned that we’d be subject to an auto-renewal of the 3 month/$79.99 package, which we didn’t want do since we wanted to upgrade. Our client wanted an answer.

Turns out, we were charged and never figured out how to upgrade. Of course, now we’re not interested at all in upgrading due to the poor customer service and are figuring out other options. Unresponsiveness is not acceptable.

Repeated attempts to contact AM by email, technical ticket and even calling them returned nothing. And I even submitted a ticket in the tech area to see if perhaps those guys would walk across the office (if it exists) and tell the customer service people they had a customer that needed help. Zilch.

I decided to check into the Better Business Bureau website in California and found that they are not in good standing. They have three issues listed, none that I can see of any major significance with the exception that this unresponsiveness appears to be a pattern.

The BBB hasn’t received any contact information from the company and the phone number listed belongs to a company that does some sort of counseling-completely unrelated to AM.

I searched the Web to see if my experience was unique. Turns out they have issues with paying affiliate commissions too.
Check it out here
or here
Here is another forum and another on the main issue of unresponsiveness.

Why are these people so averse to even speaking to their customers? Unfortunately the internet has made it a lot easier for companies to be more out of reach. Its all just very suspicious. I’m even scared that they now have credit card information. I am weary of a company who doesn’t take my business or my company’s business seriously. Why should we trust our business to such a company when they can’t even pop off an email response to a very simple question?

I can’t believe that they would think they’re going to build a business with this sort of behavior. Especially with the exposure people can get these days on the internet. Bad news travels…

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