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By Catherine Potts | Apr 8, 2009
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Outbound links

Debra Mastaler talks about several things in her post this week on Search Engine Land. It’s interesting-the recent discussions on outbound links. Mostly we just talk about inbound. Inbound, inbound, inbound. It’s pounded into our heads. All links are important in gaining visibility. The issue with “leaking” page rank has come up in regard to outbound links-if there are too many. The idea, and Matt Cutts has discussed himself (on a page that is now not up) that the more links you have going outbound, the more the site “leaks.” Meaning, keep the outgoing less than the incoming and keep it all quality. The reverse of what one does to lose weight-except the quality part. *sigh*

Anyhow, manage your relationships responsibly. Always make sure that you’re not hosing your site by having links (inbound or outbound) that are not valuable. The site is your baby, keep it safe.

“Stick to using link building tactics that place links in content areas and stay away from link pages when possible.”

Dorks, Servers and Data Centers

Andy Beal notes the beauty of Google’s servers and admits he really isn’t quite as in to them as they are at say, CNET. Apparently, Google builds their own unlike many companies who default to HP, Dell, IBM or Sun.

” Google’s big surprise: each server has its own 12-volt battery to supply power if there’s a problem with the main source of electricity. The company also revealed for the first time that since 2005, its data centers have been composed of standard shipping containers–each with 1,160 servers and a power consumption that can reach 250 kilowatts.”

The brains behind the designs, now possibly in the 7th generation, is Ben Jai. Google has been focusing on energy efficiency but has been reluctant to talk about it. Check out more about Google data centers here. I’ve found the subject quite interesting myself just because of the sheer magnitude of the task. It’s quite a big job, and I’m sure Ben Jai has had many sleepless nights, to keep the backbone of internet search up and running with very little hiccup.

The fascinating aspect of the data centers is that all the servers are kept inside large shipping containers. Not the little ones you’re thinking of, large ones you see in shipping yards-only way, way cooler. There aren’t only servers inside the containers though. There are other systems that accompany the entire process. The containers are a great idea in many ways but mainly because (I assume) it’s solved the safety issue of how to keep the very valuable system from being tampered with. One might imagine the fallout from such a tampering. It could cost millions and millions of dollars and I’m probably entirely too conservative with that number (is “millions and millions a number?)

You must watch this video if you haven’t. Maybe I’m crazy but I find it pretty darn cool.

Google Localizes Search with Geographical IP Mapping

We’ve all had to perform many Google searches to find a business locally. Well now Google officially rolled out the feature world-wide. You like? I like. If you want to change the location just click “change location.” Keep in mind that the searches aren’t for everything. I plugged in “stockyard fencing” and didn’t get a map of available areas in my town. Granted, it’s not really a common search. I did get a mapped listing of dentists and restaurants (as indicated on Google’s blog).

Blogging Done Right-Loves Me Some Dooce

I know I’ve brought this site up a time or two in the past but now she’s got a book out! Heather Armstrong has really built herself quite life from her blogging. She is the ultimate example of just how big a blog can get (don’t forget perezhilton.com.) Her honesty about motherhood (and everything else) and wit have carried her a long, long way. Her new book (Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays) is on the NYT Best Sellers list as well. Of course there are many ways to be successful with a blog but hers is an example of how being relatable scores an audience. If you’ve got a moment, head on over and check it out. Great content, great photography and an honest picture of what it’s like to be a parent. One thing is for sure, nobody can claim that Dooce is a site that tip toes around topics. Quite frankly, such sites are always my favorites.

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