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By Catherine Potts | Oct 7, 2008
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iTunes Genius Sidebar tool:

If you’ve not already noticed, iTunes has a neat Genius Sidebar now. It gives music suggestions based on the song(s) you choose at any given moment in your iTunes library. Quite the slick way to inspire people to buy more music! I am always looking to broaden my musical horizons so I think it’s going to work out well-maybe. I can already tell you I’ll have to maintain control because unlike before where one had to click on the iTunes store, the store is now in the Genius sidebar. I see what you’re up to APPLE! I’m on to you!

We’ll see if over time the sidebar tool just become an annoyance, but for right now I still think it’s kind of neat. Some people are already questioning it’s “value” and noting that it’s a clever advertising (what isn’t these days?) technique:

From comments:

Systems that encourage you to buy things you had not previously thought you wanted are called advertising. Systems that do so and self-describe as genius are called hubristic advertising.

From the article:

Actually, think about it a bit. That’s a huge, and – if mined well – fantastically valuable database. Even Amazon doesn’t know what songs people like to listen to together. And that’s songs people have ripped from their CDs – not just things they’ve bought from the iTunes Store

Always looking for better and new ways of linking:

Tad Chef over at SEOptimise offers up a list of ways to change up your link building practices. I question his suggestion of maintaining a Facebook page over time since the links from Facebook are supposedly nofollow. Some things on the list can work and some can not, like this one:

Get your content translated and republished in multiple languages and countries

How many people can start an international site without hiring people who speak the local/regional language? It’s really dependent on the type of company your trying to get links for and if you have a small firm, could be more trouble than it’s really worth.

How many people can

Here are a few that could work:

*note* I could develop a list that would help a lot of people who build links but that would just be irresponsible with a very valuable (and proprietary) collection of information I’ve spent a very long time compiling. While I appreciate all the information I find online, it amazes me what some companies will give up for nothing.

Moving on…

  • Join a community and become one of the most valuable members like Maki of DoshDosh did on Sphinn and Digg
  • Start a green initiative, whatever it might be, there are thousands of ways to do that, carbon free websites is great example

Reputation Management Starts in the Past:

Search Marketing Gurus discuss how knowing what’s been said about your company or products in the past can help you in the future.

We’d set up alerts for this client, and were getting ~50-75 per day on the phrases we were monitoring. When we ran these keywords through our proprietary buzz monitoring solution we uncovered ~150,000 hits, of which over 87,000 were dated this year. What does this data show? Well, it shows:

  1. that you have to look backwards to understand the present and plan for the future – there were certain events earlier this year that increased the chatter in this particular field, knowing those events is going to help the client be a part of the chatter the next time the planets align in the same formation
  2. that Google and Yahoo don’t index everything (results from our system were not all indexed, but they were out there on the web), so if you’re relying on alerts you may not know where your audience really is, so you may not be interacting with them in the ways that you could, and if you’re sourcing your RSS feeds based on data from Google and Yahoo, then you’ve got the same issue.
  3. that this client should have been monitoring this space a lot sooner ;) (hey, at least they’ve made the first steps now).

Always a good tactic. Things can get out of hand quickly these days so the more on top of things you are, the better. Of course, I’m sure that’s not a big surprise for anyone who spends any amount of time online these days.

Because I really like Jordan McCollum’s Linky Goodness:

I just really enjoy seeing Jordan’s smiling face on Marketing Pilgrim. I don’t know her, I’ve never talked her, but her tidbits are always nice to read. She just seems like a very nice person. Here are a few bits from her. I love the little poem best:

Linky linky goodness, readers, dear
Linky links will come to you all year
If I had one wish, then it would be
A post full of good links to you from me.

Oh, look, my wish came true!

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