Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for PPC Advertisers

By Avelyn Austin | Jan 7, 2009
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Happy 2009!!!  At the beginning of each year, individuals across the world embark on a mission to fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you haven’t made your list yet, check out the Top 13 New Year’s Resolutions according to the US Government.  Based on the most popular New Year’s resolutions, I thought it might be fun to make 10 New Year’s resolutions that all pay per click (PPC) advertisers can follow.  Here we go:

  1. Get Organized: Look at your PPC account and determine where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.  Will your current account’s set-up including campaigns and ad groups allow you to move in the direction you want to go?  If not, it’s time to get organized.  By creating more campaigns with fewer ad groups and shorter keyword lists, you will have more control over ad copy and testing.
  2. Lose Weight: Over time PPC accounts tend to accumulate a huge number of keywords that are hard to sift through and may questionably bring down your overall quality score.  Reviewing many months of data (6 months or so), rid your account of keywords that have received zero impressions.  By decreasing the number of keywords, you’ll find it easier to evaluate keyword data as well as organize your account in less time.
  3. Save Money: Closely examine your month over month conversion data.  With Google AdWord’s new network feature, you can split the measurements of success (i.e. clicks, cost per click, conversions, etc.) down to the individual network level including:  Google, Search Partners, and Content Network.  Determine where you are getting your greatest results.  If one network has high costs with a low number of conversions, try pausing that network and use the money elsewhere.
  4. Quit Smoking: This is a popular New Year’s resolution that is hard to twist into PPC context, but I’ll give it a shot.  Often times when advertisers create a new PPC account they try to use the same set-up as another account because advertiser are used to it or addicted to it.  Similar to resolution #1, you must look into the future of the account before you begin.  Set-up the account according to the direction you and your client want to go.  What works for one account will most likely not work for another.  So, break free from the craving to use the same account set-up.
  5. Manage Debt: In these tough time PPC agencies need to ensure that their clients will pay them for their services or at the bare minimum for the PPC budget spent online.  In order to only spend what the client is willing to pay you, ask for the money to be paid in advance.  By asking for funding in advance, you will be able to spend the client’s money without pulling it out of your own pocket in hopes that the client will reimburse you later.
  6. Volunteer To Help Others: Google offers grant opportunities for many non-profits.  Google Grants are given in various amounts to non-profit organizations allowing them to advertise their mission, special events, recruit volunteers, etc.  Agencies managing a Google Grant PPC account can produce case studies from the experience and may be able write off the hours spent working on the account from their year end taxes.
  7. Learn Something New: Each day take a moment to read a blog or watch a webinar about PPC.  I recommend subscribing to the Search Engine Land’s Daily SearchCap.  This feed takes some of the top search engine marketing blogs from various sites and combines them into one list.  Just remember, don’t believe everything you read.
  8. Spend More Time with the Family: Take time to get together with your colleagues to discuss PPC news, tactics, and how you’re implementing new ideas.  If you’re an agency this may mean getting together for weekly meetings and/or training.  If you’re an in-house PPC advertiser this may mean educating other divisions of marketing on PPC.
  9. Stay In Touch with Friends: Schedule regular calls with clients (at least 1 per month) to review reports, talk about new developments, and just to make sure everyone has the same vision.
  10. Take a Trip: Go to a search engine marketing conference!  Pick a conference somewhere that you’d like to vacation and make the most of it.  For example, Search Marketing Expo Conferences are held across the world in places such as California, Sydney, and London.

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