Top 5 Reasons for Mass Confusion in the AdWords Learning Center

By Paige Payne | Sep 25, 2009
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In preparation for taking the Google Advertising Professional Exam I devoted the majority of my time studying in the Google AdWords Learning Center.

The Learning Center is a resource provided by Google to assist those advertising on Google the ins and outs of AdWords. It offers both multimedia and text lessons which are organized by topic areas that build upon one another.

So in the Learning Center I spent my time reading the text lessons, watching the corresponding video, and testing my level of comprehension on the various topic lesson with the corresponding quiz (if available).

Given the wealth of questions all created about a platform which has an element of mystery in relation to its exact inter workings, it was only a matter of time before I ran into some questions which, when taken too literally, resulted in mass confusion on my behalf. In order for me to be able to keep my sanity and ensure that I didn’t allow the Learning Center quiz questions to get the best of me, I tried to incorporate a little humor into my studying.

Listed below are my top 5 most interesting learning center references. Some illustrate things to look out for when taking the Google Professional Exam…and some are just funny:

1. Practice Question from “Quality and Performance Basics: How Its Works”

This question reminds me of when my math teacher would give the class an equation we could use on a test such as: “2+(3/X) = answer. It seems simple enough, until you realize you still can not find the undefined answer if you also do not know how to figure out x.

Q: Which of the following factors is not considered when determining you Quality Score for Search?

* Cost-per-click (cpc) bid (answer)

_ Clickthrough rate (CTR)

_ Ad text and keywords

- Landing page relevance

It is true that Google does not take your max CPC bid into direct consideration when determining your quality score.  However, CPC bid is indirectly a major component to your keyword’s ability to achieve a high CTR.

While you can have a good quality score based on relevance, if your max CPCs are too low, it’s tough to achieve an ad position which will generate a healthy CTR.  And once history of a low CTR is established, then you can watch your quality score suffer solely because you were not willing to pay enough (max cpc bid) to get your ads listed in the top five or so positions for various keywords.

2. Practice Question from “Cost Control: How You Can Control Costs”:

This is true  as well.  But it seems a little counter intuitive that if you want to control cost …increase your cost per click bid.

3.  Answer to Question in “Trademarks” is M.I.A. from Learning Center Lessons:

Do you know the answer to this question off the top of your head?

According to Wikipedia the correct answer, Orkut, is a free access social networking service owned and operated by Google. Although Orkut is less popular in the United States than competitors Facebook and MySpace, it is one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil.

The problem is that, after hours of searching, I could not find the answer to this question in any of the Learning Center lessons- text or multimedia.

4. Google Personified?… Showing signs of a sense of humor in the first paragraph of the Lessons Catalog home page

“If you’re an AdWords advertiser, Google Advertising Professional, or just interested in learning more about AdWords, you can use our free training to sharpen your AdWords knowledge. We offer both multimedia and text lessons to match your preferred learning style. While lessons are organized to build upon previous ones, you canskip between topics and take them in any way you like. After each lesson, test your knowledge by taking a quiz. Because so much is covered, you probably can’t complete training in one sitting (without the help of caffeine), so return often. Content is updated regularly to keep you current.”

One sitting, is that even humanly possible?

5.  An example of just how helpful Learning Center Help aims to be:

Learning Center Question

Looking for some justification for devoting so much time towards the learning center by finding the answer the simple question (shown above),”Will I be able to successfully pass the exam if I only view the text OR interactive lessons?

While it would be nice to know in advance whether or not you’re going to pass the exam, it seems like Google has not quite figured out how to predict the future just yet. The page the link takes you to reads…

“We’re sorry, but the information you’ve requested cannot be found.”

Anyone have any other personal favorites from the Learning Center Lesson Catalog they may have stumbled upon?

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