Tuesday’s Top Ten: My Top Ten Favorite SEO Blogs

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Mar 27, 2007
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From the home office in Charlottesville, Va., it’s Tuesday’s Top Ten: My Top Ten Favorite SEO Blogs!

10. Search Engine Land
If you don’t read this blog daily, shame on you. Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and crew are the foundation of all that is SEO. And if you’re like me and don’t always get a chance to read blog websites, they do have newsletter versions delivered daily so that you can stay abreast of current SEO news. Great blog for SEO news.

9. Marketing Pilgrim
Andy Beal is the lead behind Marketing Pilgrim, and he and his team provide topical, relevant SEO news and information daily. Marketing Pilgrim also has an email function to alert you to new stories. Great blog for SEO news, and also has an SEO job board now as well.

8. SEO Blackhat
While the name sounds suspect, keep reading! This blog has great tips on techniques — not always those that are considered black hat. This blog also has great insight into research and other info on the engines.

7. SEOMoz
If you don’t just love him for his cool yellow Pumas, you have to love Rand Fishkin’s blog. His whole team at SEOmoz writes for the blog, and each has great perspectives on SEO tactics, business, strategy, and more.

6. Link Moses
Link Moses is written by Eric Ward, who, in my humble opinion, is more than Link Moses — the guy is Link GOD.  But Eric is far to humble to call himself a god. Eric has great postings on link strategy and tactics that affect SEO and beyond.

5. Matt Cutts’ Blog
While I normally am suspect of anything that the search engines bless for blog purposes (call me skeptical), I do find that Matt is a trustworthy source. He provides the latest news and comment on Google products and updates.

4. Top Rank Blog
I’ve been reading Lee Odden’s blog about as long as I’ve been reading Danny Sullivan’s postings. Lee has a great perspective on SEO because he comes from a PR background — so he’s always thinking about marketing and SEO and how they work together. His blog postings include primarily SEO business, strategy and tactics.

3. ShoeMoney
Written by Jeremy Schoemaker, ShoeMoney is a great blog about current issues with the search engines and solicits lots of feedback from its readers. Jeremy is a MASTER at link bait. You should watch him work. Recent example? He created a poll asking who Anna Nicole’s baby’s daddy is…. Hilarious, and great link bait. 

2. Search Engine Roundtable
Written by SEO guru Barry Schwartz (aka Rusty Brick), I’ve been reading Barry’s postings for years. He’s very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend his blog. Topics typically cover industry information, such as developments with the search engines for SEO and PPC.

1. Search Marketing Sage
Hey, so I guess this is cheating a little to name our own blog, but what kind of blog owner would I be if I didn’t consider our own blog as a great source of SEO info? Our whole staff writes for the blog — on a variety of topics. I hope everyone finds it helpful!

What’s your favorite SEO blog? Leave a comment and let me know… I’m always looking for new, great SEO content to read!

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