TweetDeck Updates: LinkedIn Joins the Crew

By Renee Revetta | Dec 1, 2009
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Along with existing features like search capability, synching TweetDeck accounts and columns, the v0.32.0 update of TweetDeck added LinkedIn integration (plus previous additions: MySpace and Facebook).

Pictured is the new toolbar: “compose update,” “add column” and “quick profile” along with the new LinkedIn button for status updates.

The new version also adds Twitter lists and a “quick profile” button.  Something to look out for is the retweet options listed under the Twitter settings menu.  TweetDeck now gives you the ability to choose your RT “style” – old or new.  It also has an “always ask me” option.  The “ask me” option gives you the choice every time you RT whether you want to edit or RT in the new style.

My favorite additions

  • LinkedIn status update integration
  • the ability to add a column for specific lists
  • an easy way to see a user’s location (with a Yahoo map), by clicking their location on their profile
  • the option to export a TweetDeck group as a list

Least favorite changes

  • “Launch the TweetDeck directory” folder icon no longer included
  • “Search” became “quick profile” and lost the ability to search for hashtags and terms (hashtag and regular search moved to “Add Column” button – which doesn’t make sense to me, although searches do create new columns, the user experience isn’t catered to)
  • Other TweetDeck functions that used to be in top left toolbar are now grouped together, and buried within the “Add Column” button under “Core”

Below is the old version of the toolbar, including the update, search, launch TweetDeck directory, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace icons.

For a full list of what’s new,

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