Twitter and Facebook: Living in Harmony?

By Renee Revetta | Sep 2, 2009
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The corporate trend of being registered with Facebook and Twitter seems to be growing. “A central group of players in your corporate social marketing system, need to be personally and professionally active, either on Facebook, Twitter or both,” states the Aim Clear Blog.

Here at Search-Mojo, we also use both social networks.  Recently, we utilized Twitter to share our Facebook fan page with followers.  We figured those who follow us on Twitter would be more likely to become a “fan” of our company on Facebook.  We tweeted fan page links in the past month and gained a few fans every week.  However, Twitter especially became useful for our Facebook page when we tweeted saying we were only 1 fan away from achieving 100 fans, which gave us the ability to claim our own username.  Here’s what happened:

Search Mojo Tweets

In about 10 minutes we had 4 more fans, pushing us to 103 fans.  Twitter spread the message quickly with one simple update and a few retweets.  We were finally able to claim  Twitter led fans to Facebook in this case.  With programs like TweetDeck, HelloTXT, and multiple Twitter Applications on Facebook, the capability to link Facebook profiles and Twitter status updates has existed for a while (see “4 Ways to Manage Social Media” for more).  A new Facebook option finally allows users to be able to link Facebook pages to Twitter, as opposed to limiting it to personal profiles.

Updates can be made all from one place (Facebook), and will reach both fans and followers.  Also included in the Facebook page linking is the capability to choose what types of updates from Facebook you want to send to Twitter.  For example, photo, status, links, notes or events.  If brands use this option, they’ll have the ability to reach more people simultaneously.  They’ll also save time by not having to manually duplicate status updates on both sites.  While the number of followers and fans may vary and some people may overlap, both groups of people are expressing an interest in the company or cause by connecting.  Those engaged with a company on social media sites want to hear about what the brand has to offer. By linking Facebook and Twitter, companies can achieve more visibility within their community.


Image from Facebook’s Twitter App: How Far Will It Go?

An article from Mashable also states that Twitter and Facebook could either be direct competitors or co-exist.  Harmony between these two sites may be difficult to attain.  Facebook’s Twitter linking system utilizes Facebook as the primary site where all updating occurs. Unless Twitter retaliates with an option to link Facebook Pages through their domain, Facebook may gain site visits from frequent Twitter users.

The amount of streaming updates on Facebook would certainly increase if many corporations allowed linking between accounts. Would this create streaming update overload for Facebook-only users? Would Facebook users start a rebellion because of the overwhelming amount of updates?  There have been many cases in the past where Facebook users protested such as the “News Feed revolt”, and Facebook altered settings and options because of user opinions.

The Mashable article continues to say that the linking integration could allow new Twitter users to automatically include past Facebook updates.  Instead of a blank profile, new Twitter users could have old status and photo updates loaded in, making their profile more complete.  With this connectivity, Twitter start up wouldn’t be as intimidating as it can be today.  Another bonus about more integration in the future includes being able to easily find your Facebook friends that already have Twitter.  This could also be a great option for companies as they could cross-reference to find Twitter followers on Facebook.

The extent of these tools is yet to be known, but could certainly have a big impact on Facebook fan pages, personal profiles and linked Twitter accounts in the future.  There are many options available; time will tell if harmony develops between Facebook and Twitter or if they’ll become head-to-head competitors in the future.

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