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By Sarah Lokitis | Feb 24, 2012
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The online world is constantly changing, aiming to provide the best user experience. In late 2011, Twitter started rolling out a new design layout with improved functionality to users. The changes included an updated interface with a streamlined way to follow and share conversations.

Following the new design launch, Twitter released Enhanced Profile Pages to a select group of advertisers to create a more customized brand appearance. Enhanced Profile Pages allow the account holder to add a banner to the “header” of its profile page and to anchor a tweet above its regular stream of tweets. The static tweet will be open by default so that any video or photo included with the tweet displays automatically, without needing to click. This tweet is labeled, “Promoted by [Twitter account]” and the tweets beneath that tweet will continue to update as usual.

According to Twitter, “this page and the Promoted Tweet are both free of charge and publicly accessible for the whole world to see. Your profile page is your own – your colors, your logo, and your messaging.” After talking to a Twitter Rep the other day, I found out that currently, the Enhanced Profile Pages (EPP) could be available to me with a minimum $30,000 for 3 months Twitter Advertising commitment. Many sources indicate that they will be rolled out on a broader scale in the coming months with no clear indication of cost. To learn more about the advertising options with Twitter, check out my post on Twitter Advertising.

Below is an example of the @DisneyPixar Twitter EPP with a banner for the movie Brave, as well as a promoted tweet displaying the movie trailer.

Twitter Enhanced Profile Page

A Twitter EPP eye-tracking study revealed that users wanted to click on the banner if it advertised a product or sale, but directing users with an arrow to the anchored tweet to learn more was effective. Because it is still early, it remains unknown if the Enhanced Profile Page is truly effective at generating more engagement leading to increased sales, but for those who don’t have the option to experiment yet, remember that responding to every mention is important in building brand loyalty and improving customer service.

What do you think about the new Twitter design and Enhanced Profile Pages? Does the new design keep you engaged longer? Will you make room in your budget for Twitter Advertising to qualify for an EPP? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis.

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