Untimely Death of Heath Ledger the New Link Bait

By Catherine Potts | Jan 22, 2008
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Unfortunately, there has been a tragic death in the entertainment industry. Heath Ledger’s body was found by his masseuse at 3:35 P.M. EST today. An apparent overdose, his death leaves many wondering how such a thing could happen to a such a promising actor at 28 years old. He was in the middle of filming a movie as well.

You can count on articles containing information on Heath Ledger’s successful, yet now unfortunately short career filling up the internet and even TV news.

TMZ reports:

The 28-year-old actor has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams — they separated in September, 2007. He plays The Joker in the upcoming Batman film, “The Dark Knight” and is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking role as Ennis in “Brokeback Mountain.”

Previous articles regarding questionable link bait highlighting Shoemoney’s ‘Anna Nicole Baby Daddy’ link bait poll on who the father of Anna Nicole’s baby was. At the time, left without a mother or a brother, her father was a mystery. We now know the answer, but because her death (not to mention her life) was full of scandal and mystery, her passing caused quite a stir.

The sad thing is, Heath Ledger’s life wasn’t really known (publicly) to be so in turmoil. So articles profiting from his death could be considered bad taste.

Matt/Derick of Internet Marketing Monitor said:

The thing about the Internet is that, once you hit that “Publish” button, your name and your words are somewhere… forever. You have to be willing to live with the consequences of what you say and do online. Sometimes we look back at the things we’ve said or become involved with and wish we’d just kept our mouths shut.

So the question is:

Is using the untimely death of a well-known person for link baiting purposes more OK when they’ve lived in scandal as opposed to just lived their life, as private as one can be as a movie star?

What do you think would happen if Britney died? The internet and the link baiting would go nuts! Does it make it OK? I don’t know. If Shoemoney got read the riot act over his poll on who the father of Dannielynne was, then doesn’t that make link baiting over the death of ANY star or well-known bad?

One would think that in this time, where boundaries are very blurry, that link baiting about someone who lived their life in the public eye, almost taunting it (like Britney or Anna Nicole) would be more acceptable. Britney goes out seeking the attention, Anna Nicole did the same. Heath Ledger did not. He led his life in a manner of what seemed to be an attempted normalcy.

So I ask, how are we to decide and judge on who is OK to use as link bait and who is not? I guess it’s more about what the SEO or really any online community is willing to accept. Because of the negative feedback regarding Shoemoney’s poll, I would have to warn link baiters only using the sad passing of Heath Ledger for their own gain to tread very carefully. There happen to be a ton of very shocked fans right now.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger.

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