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By Sarah Lokitis | Mar 1, 2012
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Facebook Pages with Timeline have arrived. Yesterday, Facebook announced and revealed Facebook Pages that integrate features of timeline and provide additional management and customization tools for marketers. The Facebook Marketing Conference fMC occurred in New York City on leap day and many Facebook Marketing and Advertising announcements were made. According to Facebook, the Page is “mission control for your business.”

Facebook Page Update

Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture

At 851 x 315 pixels, the Facebook cover photo is the first place to express your business and create brand interest for the user. The cover photo and profile picture appears exactly as timeline for people on Facebook.

The profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels and represents your brand as a thumbnail across Facebook. Facebook strongly recommends that this is a widely recognized image relating to your brand, like your logo.

Facebook Cover Image

According to cover photo guidelines, cover photos may not contain price or purchase information, contact information, references to elements such as Like or Share, or calls to action. This may be difficult for brands to wrap their heads around because they are so used to pointing and directing users to a certain action on their tabs and applications for pages.

Brand Information and Tabs

Four main tabs will be highlighted on the top of each Page. The Photos tab has to remain in the first spot on the left, but other tabs or apps can be changed to reflect the order of importance. There can be up to 12 Facebook applications or tabs and will be shown when users click the drop down menu on the right. App images are 111×74 pixels instead of the 16×16 pixel images used previously.

Facebook Page Tabs

Shockingly, Facebook will no longer allow default landing tabs. Facebook recommends Pages pin a post that links to a particular tab, which can only stay up for a week – more information on this later in the post. It seems like Facebook is moving towards full integration with third-party sites, like Spotify and Washington Post Social Reader that integrate seamlessly into the pages rather than separate tabs and apps.

Timeline Features

Now administrators of pages can pin specific posts at the top of the page. Once a post is pinned, it will remain there for up to 7 days or until the admin takes it down or adds a new pin. The pinned post is indicated by an orange marker at the top right of the post.Facebook Pinned Post

Posts can be highlighted by clicking the star on the post to take up the entire width of the Facebook wall to attract attention.

Milestones can be created for big achievements of the company or organization. Similar to highlighted content, the milestones take up the whole width of the page, but they must be created with an image that can be uploaded from your computer or from Facebook.

Lastly, posts can be created with a date from the past to fill in your timeline.

Within the activity log, administrators to the page can find and edit old posts, hide posts, unhide posts and complete any of the actions listed above. A helpful feature is that admins can sort posts by year or type of story.

Something that bothers me about timeline for Pages is that I see some posts blatantly out of order. When I hovered over a post from August that displayed up top within posts from February, it read, “You are seeing this here because this Page has been personalized to show you activity about you and your friends related to [insert Page name].” This is similar to Google Search Plus Your World in that friends or your own posts show higher than more recent news and online results, but with timeline design, it strikes me as odd.

How will you take advantage of the updated Facebook Pages?

In order to see the new Facebook page preview, an admin must be enable it for the page.  To do this simply go to your page and select Preview. Until you publish your new Page, it is private to admins only and you can go back to the old design at any time. You have until March 30th to voluntarily switch over, so get started now!

What do you think about the new design? Do you think it will be more or less engaging? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the new Facebook Pages. Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis.

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