Google’s Upgrade Center: A Painless Transition Into Enhanced Campaigns

By Sarah Bonner | Jun 6, 2013
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If you’re using AdWords, over the past few weeks you’ve probably seen this big white text box urging you to go to the Upgrade Center and get your campaigns upgraded. We found out that, with the tool, the upgrade process is not as scary as it may seem…

AdWords Upgrade Center

The Upgrade Center helps advertisers manage the transition to Enhanced campaigns before Google automatically upgrades all campaigns on July 22, 2013. The tool simply suggests which campaigns should be upgraded and if any campaigns should be merged, in accounts that have separate mobile and desktop campaigns.

Upgrade Center Options

The Center shows your progress in the upgrade process and options to upgrade campaigns, merge campaigns, or do both together with advanced mode.  Once you choose your upgrade flow, you will see a list of campaigns that still need to be switched over to Enhanced.  Click the “Choose upgrade settings” on the top left to see these options:

Upgrade Center Mobile BiddingBy setting a mobile bid adjustment, a single campaign can now show on all devices, eliminating the need for separate campaigns targeting different devices, which is one of the main goals of Enhanced campaigns. Be wary of the “Google-suggested default option,” since those defaults are based on bids from similar advertisers, so they might not match up with your marketing goals. For any of these options, make sure you do your research first, so your budgets don’t go bananas while you’re trying to figure things out.

Merging campaigns is trickier; because you have to keep in mind all of your settings and budgets if you choose to combine campaigns. The Upgrade Center helps by letting you select which campaign you want to be primary and giving you the opportunity to preview proposed ad groups, extensions, and overall campaign settings before the finishing the process. Budgets and ad groups will be combined, while campaign level settings and extensions of the primary campaign will override those of the secondary campaign.

Upgrade Center Merge Options

Preview, click complete and you’re done! The Upgrade Center makes upgrading to Enhanced relatively painless, but just make sure to triple check your settings and continue watching for more Enhanced features. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @smb1213 if you have any thoughts!

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