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By Des Taggart | Jan 14, 2009
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I’m always bouncing around the vast internet for effective solutions that make my life easier and make my job more efficient. This site has proven to be a neat resource for designing and developing websites and landing pages. The site provides a multitude of solutions–ideas that provide the good the bad and the ugly for recommended and not-so-recommended layouts for what is appropriate in today’s “2.0 web world”.

“It has long been common practice to use recurring solutions to solve common problems. Such solutions are called design patterns; standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer. This website seeks to better the situation for the UI designer, who struggles with the same problems as many other UI designers have struggled with before him. This site will help you in two ways: You can read insightful design pattern articles or browse through our screenshot collection. Finally, you can help your fellow peers by uploading your own screenshots of great user interfaces.” ( website )

If you’re struggling for an answer when it comes to general site design or perhaps a more unique approach for your client’s needs for such areas as landing pages, look no further … You are now able to reference a site that is more than just your simple template layout store you find online. This site provides “insightful design” approaches for a variety of online entities.

Take a look at the many screenshots that are for theory and/or in actual live practice. Take a look at the many live sites/links that can instigate a new thought process–a way to help you climb out of that “designer’s block” that seems to afflict us from time to time.

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