WEBINAR: Get More Leads by Identifying and Targeting Your Buyer Personas

By Kari Rippetoe | Nov 13, 2012
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The topic of “buyer personas” is pretty hot right now – but it’s anything but “trendy.” There’s a good reason why buyer personas has become such a talked-about topic in the marketing industry. By developing personas of your customers, you’ll understand what drives their purchase decisions for your products and services – and how you can better market to them.

buyer personasJoin us this Friday, Nov. 16 at 2:00pm ET for a free webinar, Get More Leads by Identifying and Targeting Your Buyer Personas. Search Mojo President and CEO Janet Driscoll Miller, and Adele Revella, President of Buyer Persona Institute, will show you how to get started with developing your buyer personas and the goldmine of information they’ll provide to help guide your marketing activities. This webinar will cover:

  • What is a buyer persona and how they will better inform your marketing strategy
  • The Five Rings of InsightTM that will help you develop and deliver the right content at the right time
  • How social media can help you gather information for creating buyer personas
  • How to use buyer persona information to better target your advertising

UPDATE 11/26: Did you miss the webinar? Watch “Get More Leads by Identifying and Targeting Your Buyer Personas” in its entirety here! Check out the preview below:

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