Webinar Recording: How to Create a Paper.li Twitter Newspaper

By Renee Revetta | Dec 8, 2010
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Last week, I did a quick 10-minute webinar instructing how to get a Paper.li newspaper for you or your company. As a brief review, Paper.li newspapers aggregate daily tweets from Twitter users. The tweets are auto formatted into a daily newspaper as stories, making it an easy way to share relevant news with your network.  We’ve seen that the Paper.li dailies help individuals and brands gain greater exposure within their industry on Twitter by tweeting when their daily paper is created. By forming new relationships, brands and individuals are rewarded with more connections to potentially share their content and links. If you’re still hesitant if your efforts on Twitter will assist with SEO, in early December it was confirmed by Bing and Google that links shared through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings. After the recording, I’ve listed out additional resources I discussed during the webinar. Enjoy!

How To Create A Paperli Twitter Newspaper
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As I mentioned in the webinar, here are some Twitter list creation resources that will help you find Twitter users in your industry or certain topic areas:

• http://www.twibes.com/
• http://listorious.com/
• http://www.twellow.com/
• http://tweepml.org/

Once your newspaper is set up, I’d recommend reviewing these notable settings:

• Auto-promote option – to tweet your paper when it’s published
• Preferred update time – can edit what time paper is published for optimal exposure
• Views section showing stats and subscribers
• Edit title of your paper- especially if your Paper.li is created from a list, this feature is helpful

How to Create a Paper.li Twitter Newspaper on YouTube
How to Create a Paper.li Twitter Newspaper on the Search Marketing Sage

Be on the lookout for our future Search Mojo webinars, or review our past content on our resources page. If you have any questions about Paper.li find me at @ReneeRevetta on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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