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By Catherine Potts | Jan 28, 2009
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While I figure out how to organize and understand the information regarding the topic I really wanted to write about today, here is a tool that tries to give a picture of what is going on with a given site (and competitors). At first, it seemed this tool was pretty neat because it gathers details in a useful way. I’m finding some tools out there just bog me down with lines and lines of results/information and I have no idea how to organize what I’m seeing. It’s quite frustrating actually. Perhaps it’s the user. This site, although organized appears to have it’s faults as well. While you can enter as many client competitors as you want, you will only receive results against the first 2 listed.

Today’s tool is Hubspot’s Website Grader. Mentioned over at TechCrunch by Erick Schonfeld last year.

Website Grader is a free SEO service provided by HubSpot. It offers an automated evaluation of your website, as well as comparisons to others. Criteria tracked by Website Grader are Google Page Rank, Traffic Rank, number of inbound links, bookmarks, and the number of google indexed pages.

The good thing with this tool is you can enter your domain in one box and then enter competitor’s domains in another. Visual organization. That’s good. Another good thing is that our client’s site redirects, this tool uses the redirect address for the analysis report and it’s automatic.

After the report has been processed, to which the site also archives and creates a link for future viewing, the site is graded. The client’s site I used was graded 66/100. This means that our client’s site is more effective than 66% of the other sites processed through this tool.

A few areas of this tool covered (not all):

Meta Description/Keywords: This site said our client had no meta description or meta keywords. That’s wrong. This client’s site (a major automobile company) has meta tags.

Images: Website Grader said there were no images on our client’s site. Well, I can tell you right now, any major automobile site must have images and a lot of them. I first thought this was an issue because of Flash but I’m told that shouldn’t really be the case. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

Readability: This tool could not determine the readability of our client’s site.

Domain Age: Is accurate based domain information via Network Solutions WHOIS.

Page Rank: Good thing but not hard thing; this tool got our client’s page rank correct (6).

Alexa Page Rank: WG says our client’s site is ranked 16,380 when Alexa says it’s 14,155.

Inbound links: This site did not show that we have inbound links and I can tell you (also according to Yahoo Site Explorer) there are a ton. One of the competitors did show inbound links and one did not. The one who did, their results were 53,666.

Blog: This tool attempts to see if there is a blog on the website. There is no  blog on our client’s site and none was found. To double check this I ran our company’s site through WG and it did find our blog.

Forms: WG looks for forms on the website, it did find a form on our client’s site.

Website Grade: As stated earlier, our client’s grade was 66 and 2 of its competitors were graded 81 and 71 with page ranks of 6 and 7, respectively.

As with most tools, none is perfect. Use any tool with care and never think that any one tool has the ability to give you everything (even though it may say it can) you need at any one time.

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