Mojo Week in Marketing: September 6, 2013

By Alex Katzen | Sep 6, 2013
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I’m a huge fan of Twitter. For some reason, a lot of my friends are very anti-Twitter. They remind me of the baby boomers who like to brag about not using Facebook. Sure, they’re not hooked to another social media site like many of us, but man, are they missing out! I see Twitter as a personalized television channel. You can pick your favorite shows to follow, and on top of that, each show is consolidated into one short sentence to carefully depict the main event. One word- powerhouse. And I haven’t even touched on the sharing side of Twitter…


Use Twitter like a pro:

What others think about #Twitter:

What are your thoughts on Twitter? Do you retweet, use hashtags, and check lists?


I’m off to peruse, or should I say skim my Twitter feed. Catch ya’ on the flip side.

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