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By Renee Revetta | Jul 27, 2010
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Change is a good thing. #seo411 is evolving to meet your needs by answering your SEO, PPC and social media questions. In early September, we will launch SEO4U which will take the place of the #seo411 Twitter chat as it exists today. Instead of asking you the questions, we want to hear how we can help you. The Search Mojo team will review your questions and provide responses to assist you.

We’ll share more specifics as the launch date approaches, but until then feel free to use #seo411 any time to share SEO news, start a chat or ask questions. Trust me – we’ll still be monitoring it, using it ourselves, and will be ready to chat with you.

If you’ve never joined in on a #seo411 chat before, you should check out the great things our participants are sharing. Here is a Twitter list and TweepML list if you’d like to follow all of our participants at once.

We appreciate all of our #seo411 participants and have really enjoyed the conversation with you all. Now it’s your turn to determine what YOU think is important and what YOU want to learn about. We’ll be listening. Find us @SearchMojo.

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