What You Might Not Know About AdWords Editor

By Amanda Sides | Oct 22, 2010
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Ever since I was introduced to AdWords Editor in my first few weeks here by Avelyn Austin, fellow Search Mojo-er, I have been in love with it. She changed my life the day she walked in while I was doing bulk edits within the AdWords interface and said, “OMG, I’m about to change your life. So early on in my days at Search Mojo, I became an avid user of AdWords Editor, and have since used it for the typical things you would use it for – bulk edits, checks, copying/moving campaigns and their various components, and other popular features such as ad creation, and working and navigating the account more quickly than the interface allows.

Over time, I have become set in my ways of using the basic features of Editor.  Recently, however, I have picked up a few more uses for Editor, and now spend more time with it than ever.  Here are some of the features I have recently been using, and that you may not be aware are available.

Account Back-Up | Editor provides you with a quick and easy way to back-up/archive your entire AdWords account.  To back-up your account, select File, then select Export Backup (AEA), then choose Selected Campaigns/Ad Groups or the Whole Account.  Now you have successfully archived your account.  The best thing about this feature is that you can quickly import the file into another account via Editor if you need to, keeping all of your account in tact if you ever have to move to another account, saving you a lot of work.

View Performance Stats | If you select the View Statistics feature at the top of the application window, you can select preset date ranges or set a custom date range to download stats.  If you select the Whole Account download option, depending on the size of your account, this could take a while to download. This feature allows you to look at your account’s performance statistics and then you can quickly make your necessary edits within the application.

Advanced Search & Custom Views | Next to the Search within this account box at the top right of the application window, you will find an small link for Advanced search.  Once selected, you will be directed to a window like the one below with many filters to create a customized view of your account data.  You can set parameters for the performance metric, match type, and even save the custom search to revisit again in the future.

Keyword Grouper | Within the Tools menu, you can find the Keyword Grouper feature. The keyword grouper allows you to take large groups of keywords and break them up into smaller, more targeted groups.  The tool allows you to move the new smaller groups of keywords into the new ad groups, and automatically deletes them from the original one.

If you already use AdWords Editor, I hope you give these features a try.  You’ll quickly learn how much more efficient you can be when managing your AdWords accounts.

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