What’s So Cool about Cuil?

By Avelyn Austin | Aug 11, 2008
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There is constant hype about new search engines that are being developed to overtake the almighty Google. But we have yet to see some, if any, come even close. With the recent launch of Cuil (pronounced “Cool”) everyone ran to see if the much anticipated search engine would indeed be the new Google. Let’s just say Cuil’s first impression wasn’t good as their servers struggled to handle the heavy influx of traffic. That’s OK though, because we don’t pass judgment on the first impression alone, right? Well the numbers are out…

According to HitWise, Cuil has fallen to #34 in search traffic and is used primarily by males 55+ years of age. So why is it that after so many dollars spent on development and marketing, Cuil is still failing to stick it to the man a.k.a Google? Perhaps it’s because Cuil is so focused on being the new Google that it’s not actually offering anything new at all. If nothing is new then why are we, the searchers, even tempted to change our stuffy old ways, let alone our homepage? The answer is, we’re not.

One of the most interesting articles I’ve read relating to Cuil is that of Charles Arthur. Not only does he do a little venting about silly people who ask him to write about the “next big thing” that ironically has already been done, but he gives us an incite into what type of web application may actually succeed. He says that people are far too eager to make a quick buck and that the “next new thing” is not developed in a business plan. Instead they are created as a way to make life easier or more enjoyable for a select few.

So after inspiration from Mr. Arthur, I am prepared to venture out and say that the next big search engine will come as a fluke. Someone will set out to develop something useful only to him/herself and perhaps their friends. Somehow it will catch on and I dare say that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, will no longer be the youngest self-made billionaire.

So what’s so cool about Cuil? Apparently nothing. That’s why we’ll continue to wait until the next hyped search engine steps up to the plate.

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