When To Restructure Your PPC Account, Or Completely Start Over

By Amanda Sides | Aug 21, 2009
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Undergoing a site redesign, poor PPC account performance, or even new reporting angles could all be reasons to restructure your account. Sometimes when you have to do a major overhaul on the account structure, it may be worth your while to completely start over from scratch. Whether you simply perform a restructure, or create a completely fresh account, there are ways to improve performance for an account that may be struggling to succeed.

Change of Direction. Sometimes the PPC account you are handling for a website decides to move in a new direction. If there are small changes, you may be able to successfully and gracefully accommodate the changes by adding new ad groups or campaigns. However, depending on the severity of the angle they have decided to move in, a complete overhaul may be in order.

Client Evolution. If you have a client that you have worked for over a long period of time, the way you originally set up their account may not be the best structure for them today. Their company, site, and goals have most likely evolved with the passing time, and you need to reevaluate their account structure to make sure it is still a good fit.

Site Redesign. When companies undergo a site redesign, their PPC account may also need a redesign. A site redesign is an effort to improve the performance of the site, so pages will vary, products may be lumped together differently, and the whole layout will probably change. Use the new site as a guide to restructure their account. Sometimes, if the redesign is drastic enough, starting a new account from scratch may be the best option.

Reporting Reasons. Sometimes a company’s site may not change, but the way the client wants to see the information might. Sometimes there’s no option other than a complete account overhaul. You won’t necessarily be adding or taking anything away from the current account, but just moving things around, splitting up ad groups into more ad groups, and compiling campaigns differently.

Poor History. Sometimes you will come across a client that has a poor PPC account history. Maybe the account structure was set up without much knowledge about the engine or its interface, or ads were poorly written, but for whatever reason, the account was not set up in a way that it was successful. If the company hires a new person to handle their account, or decide to perform a site redesign, the best option is to create an entirely new account. This option will not allow the previous performance to have any influence going forward.

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