Which Email Newsletter Features Are Most Valuable To You?

By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala | May 1, 2009
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According to MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide, consumers are setting a higher bar for the email newsletters to which they are willing to subscribe.  When I, as a consumer, opt to receive email newsletters I expect some sort of regular content that is valuable to me as a consumer of that particular product.  But beyond valuable content, there are also some other features that help make me feel more comfortable subscribing.  For example, I expect that my name and information will not be distributed to other vendors.  It is also nice when I can pick and choose what specific type of content I’d like to receive.

MarketingSherpa lists a few email attributes that seem to encourage potential customers to opt into an email newsletter program.  Those top offers are protection of contact information, special pricing, customizable email frequency, customizable email newsletter content, and “first look” at new products or services.  Compare how much more likely a potential customer is to subscribe when an email offers each feature:

Offer Benefits to Encourage Email Newsletter Subscription

Which of these attributes is most attractive to you? Are there other offers that you find even more encouraging?

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