Whip Your PPC Campaigns into Fighting Shape This Fall

By Amanda Sides | Aug 26, 2009
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Whether your PPC account needs a major overhaul, or just a few simple tweaks, you’ve come to the right place to pick up a few tips to improve the performance of your Pay-Per Click advertising campaigns.

1. Trim the fat and add muscle with Search Query Reports.

Search Query Reports are one way Google helps us out with understanding what queries searchers actually use to find us. Use them often to add negatives to either whole campaigns or to specific ad groups to make sure you are advertising to the right audience. The same goes with using the SQR to find new additions for your account. You may come across keywords you may not have initially included in your PPC build-out.

2. Tone up with Bid Management.

Bid Management is an exercise you should be practicing on a regular basis. You will better understand what works for you, such as what position on the search results page gets you the most traffic/conversions, if you do it often. Like any skill, practice makes (almost) perfect. Depending on your site goals, you can optimize your campaigns through effective bid management. For instance, you may want to lower bids on keywords that are costing you a great deal of budget, and aren’t receiving very many, or no, conversions. Keep in mind, the keywords may be performing poorly because of reasons other than simply bid settings, such as poor ad copy or landing pages. It is important that you evaluate other aspects of your efforts when you find non-performing areas.

3. Be well-rounded by implementing Landing Page Optimization.

Landing Pages are a great addition to traditional PPC campaign efforts. A landing page is a page that the searcher lands on when they click on your ad. You want the landing page to give them exactly what they were searching for without too much hunting around. Tim Ash is a great resource to learn about the best practices for landing page creation, and to fine tune them to be as effective as possible.

4. SEO/PPC one-two punch.

Many people think that using PPC alongside SEO efforts will cannibalize all of your hard SEO work. Studies have actually shown that performance is optimized when both tactics are utilized. Sometimes referred to as the one-two punch, the searcher will be more inclined to click through to your site if you have top positions organically and within the paid results. Learn more on how to effectively use both.

It’s never too late to get in shape… so why not start now? All it takes is a little motivation and discipline to get back into a healthy routine and drive your PPC account to reach its full potential.

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