Yahoo! Expands Reach of New oneSearch Mobile Web Product

By Bartley McGowan | Mar 26, 2007
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Last week Yahoo! took a big step in trying to catch up to Google on the mobile search front. While the product was officially launched back in January, last Tuesday its oneSearch became available to nearly 85 percent of the mobile phones in the US. There is a nice article explaining the key features of the product over at Read/Write Web.

One thing to note is that Yahoo! still ranks behind Google in the mobile world just as it does with users on their PCs. Here’s how the stats break down on the mobile side:

Google 4,889,881
Yahoo! 3,523,725
MSN Mobile/MSNBC 530,831

So while Yahoo! is in better shape in the mobile world, it still has a ways to go to catch up to Google.

Yahoo!’s oneSearch main upgrade from its previous mobile web browser is that the results seem to be much more catered to an “on the go” consumer. The example shown is for “pizza.” Whereas the old product might bring up links to sites like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, oneSearch brings up listings for local pizza places based on where the user is, complete with reviews and an option to simply place a call with one click.

Additonally, Yahoo! has relationships with over 80 handset manufacturers which will be crucial to getting its service pushed to users. Now, we just have to see what Google’s next move is.

To view the screencast from Yahoo! on this product, click here.

The article from Read/Write Web is here.

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