Yahoo Increases Your Mobile Exposure

By Amanda Sides | Oct 1, 2009
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Yahoo Search Marketing

If you use Yahoo Sponsored Search, you may be excited to hear the latest Yahoo Search Marketing update: your standard sponsored search ads will automatically start showing on iPhones (including the iTouch) and Android phones. According to Yahoo’s announcement in their Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog, your account will automatically be opted in and your ads should have started showing as early as yesterday.

With developments in mobile technology, more and more searches are being completed on a mobile device. Yahoo’s mobile destination has 18 million monthly visitors, which are exposed to Yahoo’s oneSearch search option. By automatically opting advertisers into the update, you will have a chance to gain even more exposure with no extra effort on your part. Although I haven’t seen an option to opt out of the mobile ads, I agree with Barry Schwartz in assuming there will be a simple way to manually opt out if you desire to not be shown on iPhones and Androids, if that option isn’t already available.

To target exclusively mobile users, you can choose to start up an account with Yahoo! Mobile Sponsored Search. This platform allows you to create mobile ads that are more concise; appropriate for the smaller screens on mobile phones. An advantage to using Yahoo! Mobile Sponsored Search is that you can set bids and budgets specifically for your mobile campaigns. Don’t have a mobile version of your site? No worries; Yahoo! Search Marketing boasts: “Even if your business doesn’t have a mobile website, we can create a mobile landing page for you.” Yahoo! Search Marketing has a great page of information on what’s included with Mobile Sponsored Search.

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