Yahoo Network Distribution Feature Available Later This Quarter

By Amanda Sides | Jan 11, 2010
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In a fall 2009 post, I summarized a few of the updates Yahoo had recently implemented, along with a few that would roll out in the near future. One of those future updates is starting to take shape, and is expected to be available soon. Yahoo plans to roll out their new Network Distribution feature, where advertisers will be able to separately control bids for their Yahoo Search Network and Yahoo Partner Network campaigns. Recent updates to Yahoo’s interface have included the ability to block domains (limited to 500), a click filter report, enhanced targeting options, and pricing enhancements. The newest feature that will help advertisers gain better control of their accounts is the ability to separately control bids for Yahoo Search Network and Yahoo Partner Network.

If you decide to go this route, you should run a Network Distribution Performance Report, so you aren’t bidding blindly. The new feature will give you the option to target Yahoo Search only, Yahoo Partners only, or all networks. If you select the target all networks option, you will still be able to bid differently on the Partner Network. You will have the ability to set Partner Network bids at a percentage above or below the corresponding Search Network bid.

Is this feature right for you?

  • Do you actively manage your accounts to increase ROI?
  • Do you adjust bids based on CPA/ROAS targets, not just CPC?
  • Do you track conversions?

According to Yahoo, these are all indicators that using the new Network Distribution feature could be a good fit for your account.

Yahoo’s goal here with the new Network Distribution feature is to give advertisers more control and flexibility over their ad distribution, as well as help them better optimize their PPC (Pay-Per-Click) accounts. Keep in mind that if you opt out of the target all networks option, you may see a decrease in total traffic.

The Yahoo Network Distribution feature is currently available in Australia, and will “soon” be rolling out to the U.S. When is “soon” you might ask? Supposedly the new Yahoo option will be available later this quarter.

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