Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop is Finally Here!

By Amanda Sides | Mar 5, 2010
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If any of you follow my posts, you are well aware of my frustrations that come with the Yahoo Marketing Solutions interface. I always think they should take notes from Google, or even their users, and more regularly perform updates to the interface to make search marketers’ lives much easier. Yahoo has listened to our frustrations and finally launched a desktop application.   Just introduced this week, the Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop application will save you some time and frustration… at least until the YaBing collaboration happens…

Benefits of utilizing Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop…

A desktop application means faster execution of campaign management activities, so you spend more time on the strategic aspects of your business, not the tactical details. – Yahoo FAQs

Make edits faster. If you have a Yahoo Marketing Solutions account, you know how much more difficult it is to make edits (even small ones) than in AdWords. I’m talking about AdWords, not even Editor. I’m excited about the desktop cutting my editing time down dramatically.

Better filtering options. If you need to quickly navigate through your account, scan ads, or even keywords, you can now use more advanced filtering options to view all ads, or all keywords just as you would in Google AdWords. This feature also saves time by not having to navigate down to the ad view by selecting the Campaign, then click the Ad Group, then click the Ads tab.

Limitations of using Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop…

The Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop is only certified to work on the Windows platform. The application can be used on other platforms that run Adobe AIR, but Yahoo cannot support any issues you may encounter.

The download time may be longer than you are used to, especially if you have a larger account. Once the account downloads, you are able to work within your account offline, making the process less time consuming.

Questions regarding the Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop application…

If you have any questions regarding Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop, you can contact your account representative (if you have one), visit the Help Center, attend a webinar, or email

I know there are many others who are excited about the launch; let me know (@amandadchaney) what you think of the tool… whether it’s made your life easier, or if you’ve encountered any frustrations with the new application!

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