YouTube For President! – If you go by PPC Advertising

By Tad Miller | Aug 28, 2007
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Since it seems like the states, and the media are in a hurry to get the presidential primaries underway earlier than ever, I decided to do a little survey to see who is using Search Engine Marketing ads to advertise for the “big job”.

What I found was that the most active advertiser for the candidate names was not the candidates themselves but YouTube. YouTube is advertising on even the most obscure presidential candidate names.

That being said, the Republicans are being much more aggressive with the PPC advertising dollars than the Democrats at this point of the campaigns. Mitt Romney and John McCain appear to be the most aggressive advertisers. Romney appears to be advertising on all of the other Republican candidate names – or at least the ones who have a chance.

The Democrats are not active in PPC right now at all. Only Barack Obama and Bill Richardson are currently advertising on their own name, though not as aggressively as YouTube is. Obama’s Google ad for a search on his own name is at the bottom of the page – behind T-shirt vendors.

What does it all mean? Not much. The candidates could be Geotargeting all their ads in Iowa and New Hampshire right now. The Republican race is less clear cut right now and more competitive currently than the Democrats and that might explain their more aggressive advertising stance.

If YouTube continues to advertise this aggressively, perhaps this will end up being the YouTube election. Candidates who put their videos on YouTube could technically get free PPC advertising courtesy of YouTube and could have their videos appear in Google Universal Search Results.

It’s still early. Real early…

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