Google Analytics Consulting Services

How Are You Measuring Your Marketing Success?

Key to any digital marketing program is measuring its results. But according to CMOs, only 32% of their projects measure success using marketing analytics.* Google Analytics provides a highly insightful tool, and with the growth of mobile, understanding the shift of prospect and customer interaction from desktop to mobile devices helps marketers to plan marketing initiatives and campaigns accordingly.

The biggest challenge for many companies is setting Google Analytics up to track these useful insights.

How Can Marketing Mojo Help You?

Marketing Mojo provides Google Analytics consulting services to help companies ensure that they are setting up and utilizing analytics to fully understand how marketing efforts are impacting conversions and sales.

Our Process:

  • Initial set up of Google Analytics for a website
  • Review and repair incorrect Google Analytics code
  • Create a “single view” Google Analytics profile for companies managing multiple brand websites
  • Set up goals
  • Provide A|B testing using Google Analytics Experiments
  • Assist with incorporating social media tracking
  • Set up custom reports
  • Monthly reports on how key performance indicators (KPIs) are functioning
  • Set up and training on attribution modeling

“It’s been great [working with Marketing Mojo]. We are hitting all the things we need to hit with goals, and…the team is so easy to work with and very, very flexible.”

Diana Hand of GuidestarDiana Hand
Marketing Manager, Guidestar

*Duke University Fuqua School of Business CMO Survey


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