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Are you getting the most from your online advertising?

Google processes over a billion searches per day, but despite that impressive statistic, people now spend more time on social networks than they do on any other online activity. Recent studies also show that social media advertising can actually assist conversions from other digital channels – for each click on a social media ad, there are two others that contribute to conversions in other channels.* If you’re not using a combination of online advertising channels, you may be missing out on opportunities to reach your prospects.

Whether it’s a social media advertising platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, a search marketing platform like Google AdWords, or other online advertising opportunities, it’s important to utilize all of the available online advertising platforms that resonate with your focus audience – increasing your chances of converting them into customers and ensuring optimal campaign success.

But there are so many opportunities available – how do you know which online advertising channels to focus on?

How Can Marketing Mojo Help You?

Marketing Mojo’s online advertising services allow our team to utilize the advertising platforms that best fit a particular persona, campaign and/or message — all for one management fee. This allows both you and us the freedom and flexibility to change platforms as needed to generate the most leads or sales. And as part of our online advertising packages, Marketing Mojo also creates landing pages for you — improving conversion even more through utilization of landing page best practices and continued testing.

Our Process:

  • Develop buyer personas to eliminate wasteful untargeted spending and enable more targeted messaging on the right channels that are better suited to your prospects and their specific needs
  • Create campaigns and allocate your online marketing budget across platforms based on your success metrics, using the most effective mix of tactics such as paid search, display advertising, retargeting, or social media advertising
  • Monitor and manage campaigns regularly and make adjustments as needed – maximizing conversion volume and minimizing conversion cost.
  • Create, test, and optimize landing pages to improve conversion rate

“Not only did we see more conversions on LinkedIn, we paid less on a per conversion basis, and, qualitatively, we could see that the leads themselves were more valuable – i.e., better titles, companies in our target segments, less garbage.”

Julia Lim of ScienceLogicJulia Lim
Vice President of Marketing, ScienceLogic

*Multiplier Effect of Integrated Search and Social Advertising, Marin Software