Paid Media and Online Advertising Services

The best way to target the right audience is to use a combination of marketing channels where your prospects can be reached.  Whether it’s a social media advertising platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, a search marketing platform like Google AdWords, or other online advertising opportunities, it’s important to match the right platform and its specific capabilities to your focus audience to ensure campaign success.

But there are so many online advertising opportunities available – how do you know which paid media to focus on?

How We Can Help

Marketing Mojo’s online advertising services allow our team to utilize the advertising platforms that best fit a particular persona, campaign and/or message — all for one management fee. This allows both you and us the freedom and flexibility to change platforms as needed to generate the most leads or sales. And as part of our paid media packages, Marketing Mojo also creates landing pages with each campaign to further improve conversion through landing page best practices and continued testing.

Online advertising platforms and services we currently use (but are not limited to) include:


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