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How Content Marketing Drives Search and ROI Success

Presented on September 20, 2012

Search has been dramatically changing over the past few months, and content is once again king for enabling search. Brands that develop quality content that educates customers and drives purchase decisions will have the competitive advantage. But it’s important to know that content marketing and search marketing go hand in hand, and the more and varied types of optimized content that brands have, the greater the chance to rank more of it in the organic search results.

Content also drives paid search by providing multiple types of assets to test as offers to improve conversion rates.

But what do you need to know to integrate content marketing into search marketing? What types of content are most important? Janet and Kari will help you find the content marketing path right for your search program in our content marketing webinar, How Content Marketing Drives Search and ROI Success.

Presenters: Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO, Search Mojo and Kari Rippetoe, Content Marketing Manager, Search Mojo

Presented on September 20, 2012