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Increase Conversion Rate Through Landing Page Optimization

Presented on April 24, 2013

You’ve worked so hard to convince prospective customers to click on your ad – but are they converting into leads when they get to your website? According to MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook (2nd Edition), 44% of clicks on B2B companies’ ads are directed to their homepages, not special landing pages. Landing pages are so much more than another page on your website, and their importance cannot be underestimated.

In this webinar, Marketing Mojo’s Janet Driscoll Miller and Jenny DeGraff will show you why landing pages are so crucial for steering prospects down the path to conversion, and cover some landing page optimization techniques for increasing leads.

Presenters: Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO, Marketing Mojo and Jenny DeGraff, Design Optimization Manager, Marketing Mojo

Presented on April 24, 2013