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Not Your Father’s Advertising: The New Face of Display

Presented on March 7, 2013

Display advertising is so much more than just banners. With text ads, images, videos and rich media, marketers have many more display advertising options available to them than even just a few years ago. Add to that the myriad ways to target advertising to just the right audience, and you have a highly effective means of reaching more potential customers at the right time.

In this webinar, Search Mojo’s Sarah Lokitis and Casey Davenport take you through display advertising 101, giving you a tour of the top display advertising options available to you, and how you can best take advantage of them to pinpoint your audience and drive more leads and sales.

Presenters: Sarah Lokitis, Social Media Manager, Search Mojo and Casey Davenport, Account Manager, Search Mojo

Presented on March 7, 2013