LexisNexis Increases ROI of Ecommerce Campaigns by Nearly 800%

logo-lexisnexis“Marketing Mojo has done a remarkable job turning around our paid search campaigns. Their extensive knowledge of eCommerce and PPC best practices – combined with proactive, hands-on management – has significantly improved ROI.  Not only are our paid search campaigns more profitable, we’re also experiencing record-breaking sales volume and revenue since working with Marketing Mojo.”

-Deanna Pagano
Ecommerce Director


The LexisNexis Book Store’s ecommerce performance was essentially a break-even endeavor in 2012 and revenue performance was down almost 50% vs. 2011.  Performance improved slightly at the start of 2013, but the ROI on their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising was still not strong.

Three main issues contributed to this lack of ROI:

  • The keyword strategy of the agency managing their PPC campaigns at the time focused on high-level categories, rather than individual book title searches.
  • Category pages were used as landing pages, which weren’t focused enough on specific products and offered too many choices.
  • The agency also used an automated tool to manage bids and was not achieving ROI on anything except brand name keywords.


Marketing Mojo took over management of LexisNexis’ book store PPC campaigns in April, 2013 and made the following changes to their PPC campaigns:

  • Expanded their campaigns to include advertising on Bing
  • Changed the keyword strategy to focus on product keywords, such as individual book titles, in order to capture title-specific searches that had been missed opportunities previously
  • Created ad groups and ads for each book for better targeting and relevancy
  • Used the individual product pages as landing pages to increase the likelihood of a purchase
  • Continued to bid on higher level category keywords and brand keywords, but took a more aggressive bidding approach
  • Expanded the campaign with the use of Google AdWords Product Listing Ads to expand the focus of advertising down to the product level
  • Created retargeting campaigns to capture conversions from those who visited the book store, but did not purchase

Also, the elimination of the flawed automated bid management in favor of our hands-on, ROI-based management was key to the success of LexisNexis’ PPC campaigns.


Between April, 2013 and January, 2014, our ecommerce campaign management on AdWords and Bing helped LexisNexis realize the following year-over-year results:

  • 798% overall increase in ROI, along with a 135% overall increase in revenue. Additionally, total revenue in its peak month of January, 2014 surpassed the previous best-ever month (which was 3 years prior) by 56%.
  • 107% overall increase in the number of orders
  • 39% overall increase in conversion rate
  • 50% overall decrease in cost-per-order

LexisNexis ROI Graph


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