About Charlottesville, Virginia

Why did we locate our headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia? To summarize, for us it balances a great way of life and cost of living while still providing close proximity to major hubs like Washington, D.C. Here’s a few other reasons we think Charlottesville rocks:

Named One of the Top 5 Best Places to Live

In 2018, Livability ranked Charlottesville fifth in the country of places to live and work, based on its economics, housing, amenities, infrastructure, demographics, social and civic capital, education and health care. And in 2017, the Today Show ranked Charlottesville as the 5th healthiest, happiest city in the United States. 

We Love Food

In 2017, Reward Expert ranked Charlottesville as one of the “Best American Foodie Towns”.

And some other reasons we love Charlottesville:

  • The Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Proximity to the Appalachian Trail
  • Bike trails
  • Access to high quality healthcare
  • Over 26 neighborhood parks
  • Great concerts and venues