3 Reasons Why Google May Be Disapproving Your Ads

By Avelyn Austin | Oct 26, 2009
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You may remember in February 2009 Google announced that it would begin limiting ad groups to a single display domain per ad group.  With the new domain rule in place an AdWords advertiser can have as many ads as they’d like in an ad group as long as all of the ads direct traffic to the same domain.  If you have long term clients you’ve probably had to deal with a few “disapproved ads” since the single domain rule was implemented, especially if you participate in A|B testing using multiple domains.  Here are three things to check if you come across a disapproved ad due to the multiple display domain infringement.

3 Reasons Why Google May Be Disapproving Your Ads

  1. Active Ads with Different Display Domains: The first thing to check are your active ads.  Make sure that your active ads all have the same display URL and like always check that the root domain of the destination URL matches that of the display URL.
  2. Paused Ads with a Different Display Domain: The next thing the check are your paused ads.  Even though the ads are paused, Google will view them as possible ads.  Therefore the display domain of the paused ads must also match that of the active ads.  If you no longer plan to use the paused ads, delete them.  Deleted ads with different display domains will not cause your ads to be disapproved.
  3. Display Ads with a Different Display Domain:  Finally, because display/image ads may be listed within a separate tab in your AdWords account they may go undetected.  Check to make sure that these ads either have the same display domain as the rest of the ad group or if they are no longer needed, that they are deleted.

If you do have the misfortune of having a disapproved ad it is imperative that you act quickly.  Why?  If your ad is disapproved it means that it’s not showing for potential customers!  Once you have identified and fixed the problemed ad(s), Google will “review” the ad.  To expedite the review process contact your Google representative via phone or by emailing them with the Client ID and the ad groups with ads pending review.  Believe me, your Google rep will be happy to help expedite the review of your ads.  Remember, Google is a business and doesn’t make money unless ads are approved and running.

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