4 New Changes To Video For AdWords You May Have Missed

By Sarah Wyland | May 13, 2014
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adwords-for-video1While the “big announcement” of changes to Google AdWords took center stage last month, Google also announced and began rolling out a number of changes to Adwords for Video. Starting in April, all new campaigns launched now use “new campaign settings” while existing campaigns will be upgraded starting May 15, unless the user decided to do so manually.

A number of changes, mostly designed to make the platform more user-friendly, were made to Videos for AdWords and can be seen in this table from Google. Some of the key changes are highlighted below.

Ad Format

In my opinion, this may be the biggest change to Video for AdWords. Google has taken away the in-search ad format and made it part of the in-display ad format. Now, the only formats available to users are in-display and in-stream. Fore more information in-display versus in-search formats, visit Google’s help center.


Before the upgrade, placements were restricted to the network they applied to, regardless of the networks chosen for the ad. Now, placements apply to either the YouTube Videos Network or Google Display Network. Adding a placement doesn’t opt a user out of any network, but will restrict ad serving on the selected network.


Network Settings.

Previously, users selected the networks in the ad settings. Google has now made it so you can select networks in the campaign settings. Google has also made it possible to enter keywords for both search and content in one place instead of having to do so separately.


Previously, the “target people who are searching for” and “target people watching content” settings were separate. Now, they have been combined to simply be “targeting.” While a relatively simple change, it does aid in making campaign creation a bit more streamlined. Users now have demographics, interest and topic targeting as well as remarketing lists across all networks, including the YouTube Search Network.

So what didn’t change with AdWords for Video? Bids, budgets and historical performance data remain the same whether your account was upgraded manually or automatically. The ability to run ads on the YouTube Search Network was not lost. Users will also not lose any ads or targeting associated with existing campaigns. In essence, nothing about your current campaigns were changed, while setting up new campaigns has been made more streamlined.

While Google will automatically upgrade users to the new Video for AdWords starting May 15, users can go ahead and upgrade now. Typically, the prompt to upgrade is displayed as a notification across the top when logging into the videos platform. The upgrade is fairly quick – depending on how many campaigns you have – and can run in the background to allow users to work on other things.

Have you upgraded your Video for AdWords account yet? What do you think?

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