5 Challenges B2B Marketers Must Overcome to Make Content Marketing Work

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 9, 2013
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Hiding under deskAs Content Marketing Manager here at Search Mojo, I count myself as pretty lucky. I’m in a position dedicated to content marketing, created because we think it’s incredibly important and valuable not just for ourselves, but for our clients. We have amazing resources for creating top-notch content. But I’m sorry to say that lots of other marketers aren’t as lucky as I am in that regard.

You may be one of those marketers who knows the value of content marketing, but has several challenges to overcome within your organization to get everyone else to agree. Do you:

  • …find it hard to get everyone to agree on what content marketing is?
  • …fight constantly with Sales about the qualification (or nonexistence) of leads?
  • …have trouble creating a coherent sales and marketing strategy (and sticking with it)?
  • …hide under your desk when your boss asks about the ROI of that last marketing campaign?

If so, you definitely have some challenges to overcome first – before trying to make your case for content marketing.

During tomorrow’s webinar, Breaking Down the Buy-In Barrier for B2B Content Marketing, I’ll be talking about how you can overcome these common challenges B2B marketers face, so you can break down the barriers that exist in your company and make a solid case for an effective content marketing program.

Register for the webinar here, and I hope to see you there tomorrow (there will be a Q&A, so bring your questions)!

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