5 Places to Post Your Coupons Online

By Avelyn Austin | Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, my name is Avelyn Austin and I use coupons.  I’m 23 years old, I don’t have kids, I don’t drive a minivan, and I’ll happily admit that I love coupons!  Why am I telling you this?  Because I want retailers to give me and other consumers an easy way to find more coupons.  In Gavin O’Malley’s post “Coupon Clipping Trumping Brand Loyalty In Recession” he wrote:

“One out of three consumers report using more coupons than a year ago, according to a new study from Epsilon’s market research unit ICOM.  In April, fully 86.8% of over 1,800 U.S. respondents reported using the same amount or more coupons than they used a year ago.

Notably, online coupons have one clear advantage over their physical foils:  anonymity.  More than one in five — or about 22% — of U.S. consumers say they are uncomfortable using coupons in grocery stores.”

What does this mean for retailers?  It means that more consumers are looking for online coupons so you better learn where to post them.  To get you started here are…

5 Places to Post Your Coupons Online

#1Google Local Business Listing

When setting up a local business listing on Google, a tab is provided for you to add coupons.  By using this feature, your local business listing ad will give searchers another incentive to try out your products.  Learn how to quickly set up your Google local business Lowes 10%offlisting.

#2 Landing Pages

If you’re doing paid advertising on coupons or incentives make sure your ad takes searchers directly to the coupon or at least to a form that they can fill out to receive the coupon.  Take Lowe’s for example, when I searched on the term “Lowe’s Moving Coupon” their sponsored ad took me to a page where I could sign up for the 10% off coupon.  (FYI I used the coupon and saved over $400!  Thanks Lowe’s)

#3 Partner Sites

With the rise of online shopping I’ve noticed a lot of credit card companies and online retailers teaming up to offer their customers an added bonus for using both of their Chase Rewards Shoppingproducts or services together.  For instance, Chase Credit Card offers what they call “Shop with Chase Rewards Plus“.  By going through the Chase site (and using your Chase credit card) they offer a discount for shopping online at selected retailers.  Discounts range from 3-10% cash back (which is basically 3-10% off your purchase) or Free Shipping.

#4 Social Media Sites

If you have a coupon you should be telling everyone and their mother.  Tweet about it, put it on your Facebook page, do a press release, do everything in your power to get the coupon out into the public and let it go wild or should I say viral.  It baffles me that some coupons say “Do Not Duplicate This Coupon”.  Why hold consumers back from purchasing your product?  That’s just silly!

#5 Emails or Newsletters

Finally, emails or newsletters are a great place to insert a coupon.  Sure your customers have signed up to receive an email letting them know what’s new at your company, but give them a coupon and they have another incentive to come in and try it!  For example, Metro! Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia sends out a monthly newsletter letting their customers know what’s new on the menu and what events are on the calendar.  In addition, they add a coupon for a free appetizer or dollars off a new entree.  It makes me want to go every time!

Have you found another great place to post your coupons online?  If so, please share!

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