5 Ways to Update your LinkedIn Company Page

By Sarah Lokitis | Nov 19, 2012
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Over the past couple of months, we’ve talked to most of our clients about the exciting new opportunities for their LinkedIn Company pages. We even went through and updated  our Search Mojo LinkedIn company page after reading the LinkedIn announcement. In this blog post, I’ll cover a few ways you can update your LinkedIn company page today.

1. Targeted Company Status Updates

Company status updates have been around for a while and are a great way to share relevant information about your company to those who have indicated an interest in you by following your company.

Status updates should be used to share blog posts, press releases, and general company news for your LinkedIn audience.

Now company status updates can be targeted to specific demographics! If you are a company with several products or with items available in certain areas or targeted to certain people, this is a great opportunity to send your message to a specific audience, rather than blasting the message to everyone who follows you.

2. LinkedIn Overview Banner

When visitors land on your LinkedIn page, they will now see a beautiful banner image (after you upload one). This image needs to be set at 646×220 pixels for proper formatting. I’ve seen companies, like Wolf Trap, use this image as a fully branded logo. Other options would be to promote your mission or upcoming company news or events.

Use this image for branding your company.

3. Highlight a Product or Service

On the homepage for your LinkedIn company page, you can elect to feature a product or service. Once you choose this product or service, the image will appear on the right-hand side of the overview display as shown in the image below.

Each product or service can have a unique 100×80 px image. The unique images are helpful if you have several products, so users can easily see the differences between each. Some companies have their logo on every product, which is a bit boring to the eye. When you add unique images for distinct products/ services, your page instantly becomes more engaging (and will hopefully add to more clicks on your services). The “see all” link, in the image above, directs users to the Products/Services Overview page, which includes options to view all products and then read and write recommendations for those products. We also recommend that our clients seek recommendations from existing (and past) clients to give clout to their products.

4. Add 3 Scrolling Banners with Links

On the Products/Services page, you can add three more banner images, but on the service page you can add a link to each one and direct visitors to your website! The images do not scroll automatically, but users can click the arrows on the top right corner to see the additional images.

Click the arrows to see each image and click each image to get to the website.

On all of the links, you can add Google Analytics tracking tags to see if visitors are using these links to get to your site. They may be prospective clients, current customers, or potential employees, so create links and banners to prized assets or product information.

5. Add a Video on your Products/Services Overview Page

On the Products and Services Overview page, you are now able to include a video. Since the user hasn’t navigated to a specific product yet, a general overview video would work perfectly here. Do note that the videos have to exist on YouTube to include on this page. Maybe it’s time to update your YouTube page, too!

5. Add a Video on each Product Page

In addition to being able to link each product to a specific location on your website, LinkedIn allows you to include product videos on your product or services pages. Include a targeted video and engage your audience. Again, these videos need to be located on YouTube to include them. Another great new feature is the ability to add up to three contacts per product/ service within the Contact Us section (see the screenshot below). When it comes to sales, people like dealing with people, not companies, so why not give them the picture and contact information of the person they’d be working with if they were interested in your product? But, remember to always keep these up to date! If a prospective client visits your page and sees that your sales person works at another company, that may be a turn-off for them.

Have you updated your LinkedIn Company page yet?

In this blog post, I pictured images from the following LinkedIn Company pages: Search Mojo, Wolf Trap for the Performing Arts, Philips, Dell, and Deloitte. Have you seen any other great examples of companies using the new LinkedIn company page features? I’d love to see them, so please share in the comments or find me on Twitter, @Lokitis.

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