Ad Testing Tips Part 1: Facebook Ads

By Geena Nazareth | Dec 2, 2015
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FB Ad Testing - resizedAd testing is key to optimizing performance, and Facebook ads are no exception. Split testing involves creating ads that are identical except for one variable, which is the element being tested, and all ad elements are fair game for testing. Ultimately, the result of the ad test will be the headline, body copy, description, call-to-action and image combination that resonates most with your target audience and results in the highest click-through rate/conversion rate. In this article, I will outline an alternative way to test your call-to-action on Facebook as well as things to keep in mind when testing your ad image.

Call-To-Action Button

A call-to-action button is a great element to test with your Facebook News Feed ads.  Call-to-action buttons are displayed in the clickable area of mobile and desktop News Feed ads and ask users to perform one of ten actions:  shop now, book now, learn more, sign up, download, watch more, apply now, donate now or contact us.

The best way to get users to perform a desired action is to ask them to. Many advertisers like to include their call-to-action in the ad image, but Facebook does not allow text to take up more than 20% of the image. Including a button allows you to place your call-to-action outside of the image.

Call-to-action buttons also provide the user with more information about what to expect after they click on the ad, which can increase click-through rates and conversion rates. According to an AdParlor study, advertisers are experiencing success with call-to-action buttons. One brand tested ads with and without call-to-action buttons. Those without the call-to-action button reported a click-through rate of 0.424% and a conversion rate of 10.92%. Ads with the call-to-action button reported a click-through rate of 0.783% and a conversion rate of 13%.

If you’re interested in trying out Facebook’s call-to-action buttons, they are easy to implement. When developing your ad creative in the Facebook interface, just clicks the “choose button” drop-down and selection your call-to-action.

FB Ad Testing - Call To Action Button


According to Adweek, the image is responsible for approximately 70% of clicks. Therefore, your ad image is an important element of your ad that can and should be optimized to achieve better results.

  • Rather than changing the entire image, try testing a different background or overlay color. Different colors can trigger different emotions and reactions from users. Choose colors that can be associated with what you are offering and your overall message. This infographic from Kissmetrics explains the psychology behind various colors:

FB Ad Testing - Color Infographic

  • Ads that include images of relatable people tend to perform better than product-only images, logos or other generic graphics.
  • When choosing an image of a person/people, try to avoid stock images that look unnatural.
  • It can help if the people in the image are smiling, as users tend to respond to happy people relaying a positive message.
  • If the product is included in the image with people, make sure it is in context. Help users imagine themselves using your product.

Testing is undoubtedly the best way to optimize your ads, and even the smallest changes can achieve significant results. Have you experienced great results from your Facebook ad testing? Share your results below or find me on Twitter.

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