adCenter Update: Negative Keyword Union

By Lindsay Keller | Mar 16, 2012
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If you go under your campaign settings in adCenter and expand the negative keywords section, you will find a new message that may either be a surprise to you or may bring you a HUGE sigh of relief.

adCenter Update: Negative Keyword Union

Up until yesterday, campaign level negative keywords were automatically disabled from applying to any ad group that had one or more negative keywords set at the ad group level. adCenter has been talking about upgrading the hierarchy of their negative keyword system for a while, but it wasn’t until yesterday that they finally rolled out what they call the “Negative Keyword Union Model”.

The Negative Keyword Union Model combines the campaign and ad group negative keywords to have a cumulative effect on ad delivery. This may come as a surprise to many advertisers simply because a common expectation has been that negative keywords in adCenter have always worked this way. However up until this point, all of your ad group negative keywords have been overriding your campaign negative keywords. This was a major problem for a lot of advertisers that simply replicated their AdWords account and transferred it to adCenter with negative keywords at the same campaign and ad group hierarchy.

All of your campaign negative keywords currently in your account will now be applied to all ad groups within the campaign, so I would take the time today to review those keywords! Utilize adCenter’s Negative Conflicts Report to help you identify any conflicting negatives that might cause a problem.

Now that the change has been made you may see a decrease in impressions, but it should be for the better! There will now be a joined effort among campaign and ad group negative keywords increasing the relevancy of your impressions!

Back in November 2011, adCenter made several upgrades to negative keyword behavior, introducing exact match negative keywords, the Negative Conflicts Report and the removal of keyword level negatives from the hierarchy. Now that adCenter introduced the Negative Keyword Union Model, they are slowly catching up to the capabilities of AdWords. What is the next update that you would like to see?

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