Google Announces Exciting Changes to AdWords

By Sarah Bonner | Apr 22, 2014
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StepInsideAdWords1Today, Google showcased the future of Google AdWords with the announcement of new ad formats for app advertising, powerful new tools, and insightful reporting. The developments will be helpful for all AdWords advertisers and everyone should pay attention to what Google is trying to achieve. Google wants to shift the focus off of devices and onto the constantly-connected people who use them. Helping advertisers understand their consumer data and how those consumers interact with their ads will be especially significant as the world becomes more connected.

Innovative Ad Formats

stepinsideadwords2The first pillar of Google’s announcement was new, innovative ad formats which will focus on helping users find relevant apps through Google’s Search and Display Network and using keyword suggestion and in-app install ads, as well as TrueView companion ads on YouTube. Advertisers will be able to manage these ad formats within AdWords.  An exciting option will be “app deep linking,” where ads can link to the most relevant pages within the app, based on searches and usage history. The goal of these formats will be to drive app installation and re-engagement with downloaded apps, as well as to measure conversions from installations to in-app purchases.

Insightful Reporting

Google also announced the release of reporting that will help track off-line conversions as well as online conversions. After reviewing feedback from advertisers all over the world, Google understands the importance of seeing how online efforts affect in-store purchases. Google hopes the updated reporting will deliver great consumer value, protect consumer privacy, and deliver actionable insights for all advertisers. Google will use an enhanced version of estimated total conversion data to help measure these in-store/off-line conversions.

Intelligent Tools

For current AdWords advertisers, perhaps the most interesting part of today’s announcement were new tools that will help advertisers manage data by improving efficiency and effectiveness of reporting.


  • Bulk Actions – To make AdWords less complicated, Google will add new bulk edit options to simplify large edits across campaigns such as campaign settings, ad extensions, and more.
  • Automated Bidding – Google will launch two additions to automated bidding, allowing advertisers to automate bids to either maximize conversions or maximize revenue/sales.

Intelligent Tools For Power Users

Enhanced Reporting

Google announced reporting enhancements with optimization tools inside the AdWords platform, in order to cut down on time and frustration when downloading reports and attempting to arrange them correctly in spreadsheets. Google’s enhanced reporting will feature a drag and drop interface that would replace Excel pivot tables, but act more like a “multi-dimensional analysis tool” than an actual pivot table, using live AdWords data and many filters and dimensions for seamless data exploration. These reporting enhancements will save time and energy for many users by allowing them to easily create reports within the AdWords interface.


Drafts and Experiments

The new drafts and experiments features will turn AdWords into a lab, helping advertisers test account additions before launching them. Advertisers can create “draft campaigns,” then either apply their changes or run an experiment using part of their traffic to see how those changes will affect performance. Once you’re confident the proposed changes will be beneficial, you can then apply those changes to the entire campaign/account, instead of just a portion of the traffic. Google hopes that advertisers will use the experiments to make decisions based on actual data, rather than theories, making each campaign more successful.


Looking to the future, Google wants to focus on people. Jerry Dischler ended by saying, “the future of marketing is using technology to reach people in the right context, in the right moment,” which I cannot agree with more. While these upgrades are not yet available to everyone, Google will be updating their blog regularly with updates and more information for advertisers, so be on the lookout for news!

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