AdWords Editor Series: Advantages of Using AdWords Editor

By Mark Browner | Jan 5, 2011
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AdWords Editor

Now that you have been introduced to AdWords Editor in my previous post, let’s take a more in depth look at what makes Editor such a useful tool.

While Editor has many functions, and is useful in several different ways, there are four distinct reason that I feel make Editor such an important component of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

The 4 main advantages of Editor are that you can:

  • Make multiple changes at once
  • Navigate through it easily
  • Copy or move items
  • Export and import account information

Make Multiple Changes at Once:

AdWords Editor allows multiple changes to be made to Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords all at one time. This saves a great amount of time when doing things such as adding new ad groups and keywords. Advertisers using Editor do not have to enter one keyword at a time but can enter all at once. Some campaigns have hundreds of keywords, so entering one a time would take hours.

Ease of Navigation:

The AdWords interface is pretty user friendly and is set up in a very intuitive manner. The left side has a tree view with the account name, campaign names, and the ad groups within each campaign. This is where the campaigns or ad groups that need be viewed or editing are selected.

AdWords Editor Tabs

Across the top, in the center of the screen are tabs with options of what you want to view or edit within the account. These tabs include Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Placements, Audiences, Negatives and Extensions.

Copy or Move Items:

Copying in Editor

Editor allows advertisers to easily copy ad groups or groups of keywords and paste them into different campaigns, or even different accounts. In Editor, you can copy and paste anything from single keywords to multiple campaigns. This is particularly useful when using geo-targeting where separate campaigns exist for each geo-targeted location. This allow the campaign to be built out once, then copied and pasted within the tree view. Simply change the name and the targeting of the campaign and several campaigns are made at once.

Export and Import Account Information:

This is especially useful because information can be exported export and import account at every level including the account level, campaign  level or ad group level. Once the snapshot has been exported it can be shared it with others. This allows the work to be reviewed without actually posting the changes to AdWords.

Check out Search Marketing Sage next week for my third post in this series: “AdWords Editor Series: Navigation of AdWords Editor.” This post will take a more in depth look at how to navigate through AdWords Editor.

If you want to learn even more about AdWords Editor, Search Mojo is hosting a webinar on this topic on February 1 at 3:00 p.m.  Please visit the “AdWords Editor 101″ webinar registration page to get more information and to register.

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