AdWords Editor Series: Navigation of AdWords Editor

By Mark Browner | Feb 1, 2011
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This is the third post in a series in which I discuss AdWords Editor. Now that I have given an introduction about Editor and discussed why it is such a useful tool, I am going to explain how to properly navigate through Editor.

The features that you need to understand in order to successfully navigate around Editor are:

  • The Tree View
  • Tabs
  • Columns

Editor is very easy to navigate through and has a very intuitive, user friendly interface. As you move from the top to the bottom and from left to right on the screen you get more specific data. The Tool Bars are at the very top of the screen and contain accountAdWords Editor level actions. On the far left of the screen, below the Tool Bars, is the Tree View, which contains the names of all the campaigns and their respective ad groups. Below the Tool Bars and to the right of the Tree View are the Tabs, in which you choose which level of data you would like to view or edit.  Below the Tabs are the Columns which contain the actual type of data you will be viewing for the chosen Tab.

For more details about the navigation of AdWords Editor tune into my webinar “AdWords Editor 101” hosted by Search Mojo today at 3pm. Other topics that will be discussed are:

  • Advantages of Using AdWords Editor
  • Creating Campaigns and Ad Groups in Editor
  • Creating Ads in Editor
  • Making Multiple Changes in Editor

Please visit the “AdWords Editor 101″ webinar registration page to get more information and to register.

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