An Irish Spin on Social Media

By Renee Revetta | Mar 17, 2010
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Yup, a redhead is writing about an Irish take on social media. Go figure. But sometimes things aren’t what they appear. AKA I’m not Irish – my last name’s Revetta (viva l’Italia).

Getting to the point, social media isn’t always what it seems on the surface, either.  Some people still have the stigma that social media is just for fun and games (read: Mafia Wars, Farmville, pointless chatter about what sandwich you’re eating for lunch today). However, the city of Savannah, GA is using their social outlets to update residents about St. Patrick ‘s Day events and announcements. Facebook and Twitter will be their primary means of public communication throughout the holiday. And now that Facebook has surpassed Google as the most used US site, I think they’re onto something.

City officials can instantaneously share updates with their mobile devices that will reach over 1500 targeted fans. Aside from the freedom of being able to send announcements from any location at any time (without the need for a web team), it also is a great tactic to gain more followers and fans. If you want in on the St. Patty’s day festivities in Savannah, you’ll tune in.

Do you know where and when the events are taking place in your city today? What’s their vehicle for spreading the news?  The city of Savannah using their social outlets for event updates isn’t a groundbreaking move. It should, however, serve as a reminder to all cities, organizations and associations to not forget about their social channels during events. My city – Charlottesville, has social platforms in place, but isn’t using them today to their potential. Organizations like Rock the Vote have capitalized on the power of social media, but why aren’t more local governments using social media during voting and other city-wide events to share updates?

If you work for your local government, use this St. Patrick ‘s Day to consider your social strategies and determine how you can embed your social outlets more deeply into your public communication plan. Maybe think it over while drinking a Guinness, after you get out of work, of course. 😉 Happy St. Patty’s Day!

PS – If you can’t get enough of St. Patrick ‘s Day you can show your Irish spirit with these Twibbons:



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