B2B Remarketing: Reach Your Niche Market (Almost) Anywhere

By Scott Garrett | Nov 13, 2013
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B2B marketing can present many challenges that are not present in B2C marketing. These challenges are exacerbated when trying to target your niche business market through search advertising. Using the search networks of Google AdWords and Bing Ads can be expensive and very competitive within B2B industries. For example, keywords within the IT industry on the AdWords search network such as “IT monitoring” can fetch $19 per click, and that will just get your foot in the door. You can expect to pay much higher to see any results in terms of click volume and ultimately, leads.

One solution, then is to avoid the competitive and expensive search network for B2B products, and instead opt to advertise on display networks. While display networks such as Google provide complex interest, topic, placement, and contextual targeting, these targeting options do often fall short in capturing the truly niche markets that many B2B marketers want to target. Therefore, what display platform is currently allows marketers to accurately advertise to niche B2B audiences? The answer seems to be LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is THE social network for professionals to network, post jobs, and show off their resume. This mass of professional information about each individual user allows LinkedIn to give some truly niche targeting options to advertisers. In a previous blog post of mine, I went into the finer points of LinkedIn’s targeting options and ad choices. In summary, the targeting capabilities are impressive, and the major targeting areas are: company (or industry), company size, job title, job function, seniority, skills, and groups.

So now that you can target your ad to your niche B2B market, how do you reach them (almost) anywhere?

The answer is remarketing.

By simply adding the proper remarketing code to your landing page that you are sending your LinkedIn ads to, you can begin building remarketing lists. These lists will contain users that have designated themselves as your target market through their LinkedIn profile and activity. By adding AdWords and AdRoll remarketing code to that landing page, you will soon be able to advertise on the expansive display networks of Google AdWords and AdRoll (which includes Facebook).

Remarketing allows you to reach that niche market across the entire web at a fraction of the cost of traditional display or search advertising – saving you time and money, but still allowing your brand and products to be shown to potential customers while avoiding the mass of irrelevant impressions and clicks from unqualified searchers.

In addition, remarketing does not end on the display network. Google AdWords now allows you to use your remarketing lists on their search network; which effectively gives you the option to bid higher or only show your keyword-triggered ads to searchers already contained within your remarketing audience. For example: that IT professional that you targeted on LinkedIn, who then clicked on your LinkedIn ad, which took him to your remarketing-coded landing page, who was then retargeted on Facebook, and also remarketed to on a popular IT cloud monitoring website, will now have a much higher chance of seeing your search ad on Google when he types in “IT monitoring.”

All in all, that searcher will have a much higher awareness of your company and its products/services when compared to a non-remarketed searcher. This is exactly the point of niche B2B advertising: to only show your ads to your target market, then have remarketing ads follow them across the web to help keep them aware of your company. Through your remarketing ads, you can offer them whitepapers and webinars to nurture them and show your company’s thought leadership, or even promote your services and hopefully in time these multiple touches will finally result in a sale.

As you can tell, remarketing can be a great tool for your business. If you would like to learn even more, please join me at my upcoming webinar with Sarah Wyland entitled “10 Killer Hacks for Remarketing Success.”

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